Low profile glass tanks made of extraordinarily clear, low iron glass for beautiful aquascapes

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OptiClear 45
23L, £44.99

OptiClear 45

OptiClear 60
36L, £64.99

OptiClear 60

OptiClear 90
64L £109.99

OptiClear 90

OptiClear 120
100L, £139.99

OptiClear 120


OptiClear glass tanks are high-quality glass aquaria made with extraordinarily clear, low iron glass perfect for aquascaping. Can we used without the glass lid to allow the aquascape to extend above the tank.

  • Perfect for planted aquascapes
  • Unobstructed, frameless design
  • Low iron opti-clear glass for true colour viewing
  • Removable glass lid with each tank
  • Compatible with many Aqua One light units

Key Features:

  • Opticlear, low iron glass
  • Perfect for planted aquariums
  • Removable glass lid
  • Available in four sizes from 23 L to 100 L


Model: OptiClear 45

Aquarium Model: OptiClear 45

Volume In Litres: 23 L

Dimensions: 45W x 22D x 24H cm

Aquarium Colour: Glass

Heater: Available separately

Lighting: Choose from the wide range of Aqua One light units

Filtration: Available separately

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