New Radiance 3 - high powered LED lighting

Radiance 3 not only delivers bench mark PAR readings, it equally importantly delivers specific spectrums that are required for all types of corals to flourish.


Suitable for SPS and LPS corals in even the deepest of aquariums. Radiance 3 has been tested and proven to deliver 180 plus readings at up to 72cm depth, and over 250 at 40cm.




Radiance 3 is not just about output power though, the highest quality CREE LED’s can be independently dimmed to achieve your preferred spectrum. With reflection angles of eighty degree’s an even and wide spread is guaranteed, as is maximum efficiency.







Various mounting options area available with Radiance 3






Wireless remote control allows auto and manual settings including sunrise, sunset, cloud cover and moonlight.


Mounting brackets supplied as well as suspension kit.


Highest quality CREE LED’s.


Radiance 3 is a modular system.

A master unit is available complete with remote control, mounting brackets and a suspension kit.

This single module is suitable for an AquaReef 195 or 275. You can then add one extension module for an AquaReef 300 or 400.


For an AquaReef 500 three would be sufficient. Only a single remote is required to operate several extension modules.








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