LifeStyle Classic

NEW for 2024 - LifeStyle Classic, the ultimate 'Plug & Play' Starter Aquarium

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LifeStyle Classic 72
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LifeStyle Classic 72

LifeStyle Classic 125
£179.99 tank only

LifeStyle Classic 125


New for 2024 - the perfect starter aquarium for those of you new to the hobby. It offers sufficienct water volume to make it easier to maintain a good water. The highly effective trickle filter features filter cartridges which can be replaced literally without getting your hands wet. Choose between blue or white light to fit the ambience.

  • The ultimate 'Plug & Play' starter aquarium - unbox and go
  • Perfect for fish keeping beginners
  • Easy maintenance of the reliable and highly effective trickle filter
  • No need to get your hands wet when you clean the trickle filter
  • Individually switchable Day and Night mood lighting
  • RGB LED securely built into the hood for dazzlingly bright colours
  • Easy and secure access through hinged lid
  • Available in a choice white or black gloss finish
  • Matching cabinets available. Ask your retailer for further information.

Key Features:

  • RGB LED individually switchable light unit integrated in the hood
  • Reliable cartridge based trickle filter
  • Easy access
  • Available in 3 sizes and 2 colour options
  • Matching cabinets available


Model: LifeStyle Classic 125

Aquarium Model: LifeStyle Classic 125

Volume In Litres: 125L

Dimensions: 80W x 39D x 50H cm

Glass Thickness: 6mm

Aquarium Colour: Gloss white or gloss black

Cabinet Model: Classic 125

Cabinet Colour: Grey Arizona Oak

Cabinet Dimensions: 80W x 38D x 77H cm

Lighting: RGB LED with moon light function

Filtration: Built-in trickle filter

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