AquaReef Series 2

Sophisticated Marine System for Your Most Ambitious Reef Creations

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AquaReef 300
£1199.98 incl. cabinet

AquaReef 300

AquaReef 400
£1449.98 incl. cabinet

AquaReef 400

AquaReef 195
£ 974.98 incl. cabinet

AquaReef 195



Model: AquaReef 195

Volume In Litres: 195

Dimensions: 70W x 52D x 70H cm

Glass Thickness: 10mm

Aquarium Colour: Gloss Black, or Gloss White

Cabinet Model: AquaReef 195 Cabinet

Cabinet Colour: Gloss Black, or Gloss White

Cabinet Dimensions: 70W x 52D x 80H cm

Heater: 2x 150W

Lighting: 40W LED

Filtration: Sump with G216 Skimmer and Moray 2300

The AquaReef Series 2 is a sophisticated marine system that will allow both beginner and advanced marine keepers to succeed. We have supplied all the equipment you need, to simply 'plug and play'.

The aquarium set includes a high performance LED lighting bar, featuring RGB, white and blue LEDs; the ability to operate the blue LEDs individually will give your aquarium the much needed nighttime lighting to allow your reef to thrive.  As well as this, you also get an advanced sump system, return pump, skimmer, heater, and all the necessary pipework. All you need to do, is plug it in! 

Key Features:

  • Versatile refugium sump and LED lighting.
  • Series 2 AquaReefs include extra large sump, protein skimmer, highly effective LED light, filter sock and bracket.
  • Opti white low iron glass giving greater clarity than standard glass.
  • Slimmer hood trim opens up larger viewing space.
  • Sump features multiple chambers, including top up chamber.
  • All pipework included.
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